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7 Home Design Applications to Build Your Dream Home

Sumberpulsa: Information about this home design application is very suitable for designing your dream home.

Having a dream home is certainly everyone’s dream. However, designing your dream home is certainly not an easy thing because, apart from requiring a large amount of capital, this process also requires creativity to create a comfortable home atmosphere to live in.

Most people will usually use interior design services, which of course require additional costs, depending on the level of difficulty. The economical solution is to try an application for designing a house, which is of course available on PCs and smartphones.

In this way, we can design houses, both interior and exterior, just using applications available on PCs and smartphones. Apart from being more efficient, there are now more and more design applications that are easy to use, especially on the PC platform.

Through this article, we will present you with recommendations for home design applications that you can definitely try.

List of home design applications

Here are some recommendations for home design applications that you can try to design your dream home!

1. Coohom

This is an application that you can use to build a house and decorate it from scratch. Not only that, this application is also available on various platforms, making it a flexible application to use for residential design.

Apart from that, this application is relatively easy to use to design both interiors and exteriors without having to subscribe to a premium. The results are no joke, and you can use them as a reference.

2. SketchUp

One of the recommended applications for designing exteriors and interiors for PCs that you can use is SketchUp.

This application offers various functions that allow us to design a residence so that we get a big picture of the design we want.

This application is also relatively easy to use, and combined with the specifications that are not too demanding, you can use this application to design your residence without having to require high computer specifications.

3. Planner 5D

One of the applications for remodeling your home that you can use and that is no less impressive in terms of features is Planner. This application gives you the freedom to design the residence you want, complete with various assets to make it more immersive.

If you want to decorate a room, of course you can definitely do it through this application. It doesn’t stop there; this application is equipped with design tools with artificial intelligence that will help you decorate your room according to your wishes.

4. Home Design 3D

The application for designing your dream home is Home Design 3D. The functions of this application are complete and are not inferior to those of other applications that require demanding specifications.

Through this application, we can make a sketch first, and then you can add decorations to more accurately beautify the design of the house you have been dreaming of.

5. Sweet Home 3D

As the name suggests, this application will display visuals in 3D when you design your dream residence. However, to do this, you still need to design the foundation, walls, decorations, and other things needed.

You can use this application quite freely, considering that it does not require you to spend a penny because Sweet Home 3D offers various features for free.

6. Land Design

Do you want to dream of building a house or a building on a large field? Maybe this application can help you make it happen, because Lands Design not only offers convenience for designing the appearance of your house, you can also create gardens with stunning graphics.

Even though this application is paid, there is no harm in considering it, especially if you need an alternative application other than the ones we mentioned previously.

7. HomeStyler

The last recommendation that we present to make interior design easier for you is HomeStyler. This application is reliable and offers a variety of features, from sketches to buildings complete with furniture.

Even though it may sound complicated, this application is not at all difficult for you to use to design your home. You can even explore the house you made before so you can get a more realistic picture.

These are some recommended applications for residential design to help you design your dream home from scratch. So, you can immediately download the application above to design your residence so that it is more comfortable to enjoy.

However, make sure you have a device with adequate specifications so that you can design the interior and exterior without problems, because your idea could end up being ruined because the application is too heavy for your PC.

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