First Impression Eggy Party, a Unique Mobile Game Similar to "Fall Guys" and "Stumble Guys" with Egg Characters -

First Impression Eggy Party, a Unique Mobile Game Similar to “Fall Guys” and “Stumble Guys” with Egg Characters – Mobile devices currently offer various genres that can be played by Android and iOS cellphone users.

There are lots of genres that you can find in each service on the platform, starting with competitive, hide-and-seek, prop hunt, and party games.

These games are one of the genres that mobile device users are looking for to play alone or with friends and other gamers online, one of which is the latest game entitled Eggy Party.

Eggy Party is the multiplayer competitive game made by developer NetEase Games, the online games division of NetEase, Inc., which presents the Party Game game, where players can play alone, with friends, or with other players online.

This game was just released on September 8, 2023, on the Android and iOS platforms in Southeast Asia, with Thai, Indonesian, Malaysian, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, and English language options available.

Eggy Party is finally available in the SEA region, and new fans can immediately get involved in the action as part of the music-themed game event, namely Rock and Roll.

There are many things that can be found in the game that give a positive impression when playing it.
Are you curious about this game? The following are first impressions when playing Eggy Party:


These cute Eggies inhabit the world of Eggy Party, and you will get your own Eggy, which you can dress up in amazing clothes while taking part in events with other players.

In Eggy Party, the aim of the game is to survive in a series of minigames where the number of players is reduced each round in an eccentric survival game. Each player must aim to be the last Eggy standing.

There are also whole creator modes for you to play, such as Eggy Workshop, which allows players to design their own challenge levels, so you can share them with players around the world and let them try to conquer your cunning creations.

Collaborate with friends and other players to achieve the highest score.

As the name suggests, Eggy Party invites gamers to play with friends or other players. You can form a squad consisting of four players, working together as a team to face other teams in matches.

Different from playing solo, team victory is determined based on how many scores the squad members get for completing the stage. The higher the score obtained from the squad members, the higher your chance of qualifying for the next stage and becoming a winner.

With this scoring system, players really have to work together to be the best team in the match. Players who contribute greatly to the team as MVP.


Different from Fall Guys or Stumble Guys, Eggy Party presents fresher Avatar characters. Where each player will control a round character like an egg that moves funny and has a cute appearance.

At the start of the game, players can make initial designs for the characters used, such as their facial expressions. Later, players can get various kinds of skins from the Eggy Collection for Avatar by purchasing them, completing various missions in the game, and also by gacha.

These skins come with various unique appearance themes for the egg, from top to bottom. So you can flex with the cool appearance of your Avatar character, and it could be displayed in the match as the coolest character in the match.

Not only that, the characters used have abilities that can be upgraded as the exp level rises in the Eggy Enhancement feature.

There are several things you can improve, starting with maximum walking and movement speed, rolling speed, and cooldown time, as well as several ultimate skills to choose from.

This ability can be brought into matches and used to complete various stages and missions against other players to become the No. 1 player.

Interesting and challenging stage

In one match, you will face up to 32 players who will have an elimination system for each stage. Players who successfully pass this stage can continue to the next stage and compete to be number 1 with other players until the final stage.

The stage is divided into several modes: race party, survival party, and many more. Each stage has its own location and mission, so you can advance to the next stage.

For example, in a race party, players race with other players to reach the finish line. And a survival party where players must be able to survive until the end, with a time limit and a limit on the number of players who can qualify.

In the stage, players can take various kinds of power-ups, which can be used personally or to attack other players. With the right timing, you can use this power to win the stage.

For those of you who want to play casually, you can try Casual Match. And if you want to try competing with other players, you can try ranked matches. Whichever you choose, this game can provide an exciting experience.

Create your own custom map.

One of the unique features of this game is that you can create your own custom map, share it with all the players, and play it with them.

In the Custom Map, you can use various objects, starting with platform locations, stage obstacles, game types, and others.

With the player’s creativity, custom maps can be the player’s choice to try various unique and challenging stages.

After seeing various stages created by other players, I became interested in creating your own unique version of a custom map.

Of course, this stage will be challenging but also enjoyable for other players who want to try it.
At seasonal events like “Rock and Roll,” lots of prizes and unlockable items are waiting for you.

Included is the Rock and Roll Season Mystery Box, which gives you the chance to win a new outfit for your Eggy, such as Obsidian, the main vocalist, Carol, the guitarist, and Robo, the drummer.

And there are also Rock and Roll Seasonal Ranked Party prizes, where completing the Egg Rank Task will give you a Spring Diary outfit, mini keyboard accessories, and a Loyal Fan Avatar Frame!

The Rock and Roll Season Party Pass is coming soon, allowing you to unlock several outfits and accessories by completing ‘Special Activity Tasks.’

After the task is completed, clothes such as Doge Drake, the Mixologist, and Green Leaf Frog, as well as Shiniy Coins and Egg Coins,

If you have taken the Take the Cake Season Party Pass, whatever exp you have remaining will automatically be exchanged for fashion badges when server maintenance for the Rock and Roll event begins.

Released in the SEA Region with the Seasonal Event “Rock and Roll”

Players who are in the SEA region and have pre-registered for the Eggy Party game will not only get special prizes when it is released,

but they can also take part in the seasonal event in the game, namely Rock and Roll, from day one, where they will be able to get music-themed gear for the Eggies.

Continuing the successful release in other regions, Eggy Party was released in the SEA region on September 8. Now that Eggy Party has been released in Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, the Philippines, Malaysia, Myanmar, Laos, Cambodia, and Timor Leste, those who have pre-registered will get lots of benefits. The following prizes will be available depending on the number of people who have registered:

  • Bottle Cap: 4000 Pre-registered Participants
  • 50 Fashion Badges: 20,000 Pre-registered Participants
  • Limited Edition Outfit: 40,000 Pre-registered Participants
  • Limited Edition Avatar Name Frame: 80,000 Pre-registered Participants
  • 10 Bottle Cap Mystery Box Draw: 200,000 Pre-registered Participants

Interesting events

Among all the excitement at Eggy Party that has been discussed, there is also the What the Duck game, where this event will be present from September 8 to 21.

A special event is also running, To Arms, Eggies! It will run until September 21.

In this event, completing special tasks will give you three extraordinary outfits: Jade Spear, Palace of Sword and Heart, and Valley of Flowers Doctor. When this event takes place, there will be a discount for the cool Purple Sky Fairy outfit, which you can have for just 60 Egg Coins!

Lastly, Eggy Party will host a collaboration with the cute Bubble Egg toy as part of the event, which runs until September 14, 2023.

In this seemingly fitting collaboration, Bubble Eggs visits Eggy Island and hangs out with the Eggies.

You can have this collaboration forever for just 640 Egg Coins by creating an Egg Paradise in your game.

There are so many things you can try at Eggy Party now that it’s hard to keep track of them all.

Starting from collaborations to special events to introduce new players from all over the world, September 2023 can be said to be the biggest month for Eggy Party, and all of that is just the beginning.

That’s the information about First Impression Eggy Party from me based on my playing experience.

From the points above, my first impression of Eggy Party is that this game is fun to play, especially when playing with friends.

Some of the features in this game are really relaxing, but they can also be challenging if you meet better players.

If you are interested in playing the Eggy Party game, you can download it directly from the App Store or Google Play.

Don’t forget to follow this game on their official social media to be part of this year’s Eggcelent game. ***

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