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10 Current Trending Games That Are Popular on Steam

Sumberpulsa.com – Here is information about 10 trending games that are currently popular on Steam.

When it comes to PC games, most people’s main reference point is the Steam platform. Why not? This platform, made by Valve, is one of the oldest and most famous used by gamers to buy the latest PC games.

Not only as a marketplace, Steam is also a platform to show off game collections and achievements and become a benchmark for whether a game is currently being played or not.

Steam does release data on the popularity of their games for free to the public. You can get this data on SteamDB, and many users also use this chart to find out which games are trending now or how many players are playing a game at the moment.

But when it comes to games that are currently trending, we have several titles that might be outside your radar. We will update this article weekly by showing various games that are currently trending on Steam.

So, let’s start directly discussing games that are trending and popular on Steam in October 2023.

1. EA Sports FC 24

The soccer game from EA that we usually know as FIFA has now changed its name. Even though it no longer has the big name FIFA, it turns out there are still many football fans who want to take part in games based on the world’s most popular sport.


Animanga-themed games never fade. Especially with a shonen franchise as big as My Hero Academia. It is proven that this 24-player battle royale game has succeeded in entering the ranks of trending games on Steam currently.

3. Fate/Samurai Remnant

The huge Fate franchise doesn’t seem to be dying any time yet. Several months ago, the story of Fate/Grand Order continued into Ordeal Call. Now there is also a new game with a Japanese theme from the past. New and old characters are also present to enliven the war between Magus and Servants.

4. Disney Speedstorm

What would happen if Disney characters took part in an exciting kart racing race? This game carries this theme by presenting gameplay like Mario Kart with iconic Disney characters. Even though it has mixed reviews on Steam due to the predatory implementation of micro-transactions, quite a few people also praise that this game is still fun to play.

5. WitchSpring R

You play a wizard character with gameplay elements that are no less interesting. You can collect materials, fight, and even simulate life in this game. All of this is, of course, wrapped in an interesting story to follow.

6. Sonic Frontiers

Who doesn’t know this blue hedgehog character from SEGA? Even though it was released last year, the popularity of this open-world Sonic game is still felt, especially thanks to the recent update, The Final Horizon.

7. Riders Republic

Outdoor sports such as cycling, skateboarding, and friends have been successfully combined in one game by Ubisoft. Even though this game has been around for several months, the latest update has made this game famous again and has become a trending game this week.

Especially if the game is on sale for 75%, who wouldn’t be tempted to try it?

8. Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty 

It seems that the series of new updates in this game cannot save it from negative reviews from Steam users. However, thanks to that, this game is trending again and is in the top 10 this week. If so, are you still playing it? 

9. Relic Hunters Legend 

It seems like looter-shooters will never die. It can be seen from the game, which is still in early access, that the reviews on Steam are quite good. I’m just waiting for the official release, right? 

10. Inside the backrooms 

You should be familiar with the backroom memes that are popular on the internet. With an update that brings several new features, it makes this horror game even more fun to play, especially with friends. 

These are some of the games that are currently trending and popular on Steam. Are you interested in trying it?

Disclaimer: Not all the games we include in the list are newly released. Some of them are games that have been around for a long time.

Apart from that, there are also several games that are still in the early access stage. And we didn’t include all the games that were trending, and we only took the 10 most popular ones.***

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