Beware! Data-stealing Malware Starts Targeting Facebook Business Accounts by Utilizing the Messenger Feature -

Beware! Data-stealing Malware Starts Targeting Facebook Business Accounts by Utilizing the Messenger Feature – Cybersecurity seems to require more attention from all parties. How could it not be? This time, we found data-stealing malware that is currently starting to target business accounts on one of the social media platforms, like Facebook Business Accounts.

Data-stealing malware takes advantage of Messenger’s features.

According to information from Guardio, the presence of data-stealing malware is actually quite ‘common’ to find, especially with the rapid development of technology today.

However, this time it seems that mischievous individuals are starting to target the social media platform that is currently widely used by business people, Facebook.

Methods for attacking Facebook Business Accounts

This was researched by Oleg Zaytsev, who found that acts of data theft are increasingly being found on the social media platform owned by Mark Zuckerberg. Based on the information he presented, there is currently data-stealing malware targeting Facebook business accounts.

He explained that at least millions of business owners on the platform experienced attacks that were impossible for business owners to realize because the way it worked was really neatly structured, like inviting business owners to make transactions naturally, but it turned out to be just a cover for fraud.

Attacking with script methods and application traps

Still, based on the research he conducted, he explained that business owners were attacked using the script method, which is currently the mainstay technique of bad actors, and immediately attacked all browsers owned by the owner of the relevant account.

The method used between scripts and files with trap extensions

Not only the script, but the attack carried out by this group of naughty individuals is also similar to the fraud method that is still hotly discussed, namely sending files with random extensions and directly hacking the victims’ accounts.

Suspicious messages from hackers

Oleg explained that it was most likely that the bad actors were a group of hackers from Vietnam who distributed this data-stealing malware randomly, but especially to the Facebook accounts with the highest ratings.

If the business account owner is careless and just opens the file attached by a rogue person, there is a big possibility that the account managed will immediately be hijacked, along with all the information stored in the browser you are using.

For your information, Facebook Business Accounts are accounts created by businesses or organizations on the Facebook platform. These accounts provide businesses with various tools and features to promote their products or services, engage with customers, and analyze the performance of their Facebook marketing efforts.

Here are some key features and benefits of Facebook Business Accounts:

  • Pages: Businesses can create a Facebook Page to represent their brand and use it to share updates, photos, videos, or events with their audience.
  • Ads Manager: This tool allows businesses to create, manage, and track their Facebook ads. It provides advanced targeting options, ad budget control, and analytics.
  • Insights: Facebook provides detailed analytics and insights about a business’s Page and followers. This data helps businesses understand their audience, measure engagement, and track the performance of their posts.
  • Messenger: Businesses can use Facebook Messenger to communicate with customers, answer queries, and provide customer support. They can also use Messenger for business communication tools like automated responses and chatbots.
  • Shop features: For businesses selling products, Facebook provides features like the Facebook Shops tab, product tags in organic posts, and the ability to sell directly on Facebook through integrations with e-commerce platforms.
  • Audience targeting: Facebook offers robust targeting options for businesses to reach specific audiences with their ads. This includes demographics, interests, behaviors, and custom audience targeting.
  • Collaboration features: Businesses can add team members and assign roles to manage their Facebook business account. This allows for better collaboration and security.
  • Events and groups: Businesses can create and promote events on Facebook to engage with their community or target audience. Moreover, they can create or join Facebook Groups related to their industry or niche to connect with like-minded individuals or businesses.***

Overall, Facebook business accounts provide businesses with a comprehensive suite of features and tools to establish and grow their online presence on the platform.***

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