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Türkiye Scholarship News 2023: Turkiye Burslari Scholarship

Sumberpulsa.com – Hello Scholarship Hunters! Are you looking for a scholarship to Türkiye? Let’s get acquainted first with the prestigious scholarship from Turkey, the Turkiye Burslari Turkey Scholarship (YTB Turkey). YTB Turkey Scholarship is a scholarship fundraising program for international students, including Indonesia. Know more with the following YTB Turkey Schoters scholarship posts!

Turkey Ye Burslari Scholarship Overview

Turkiye Burslari Turkey Scholarships are scholarships for undergraduate, postgraduate, doctoral, research to Turkish language programs. The YTB Turkey scholarship not only provides encouragement for tuition fees and living expenses, but also guarantees Hunters university placement in the future.

Not only that, with a world alumni network and self-development programs offered, the Turkiye Burslari Turkey Scholarship provides a learning experience that is different from the others.

The Turkey Turkiye Burslari Scholarship is awarded by the Presidency for Turks Abroad and Related Communities (YTB) in collaboration with other institutions such as YÖK, Yurt – Kur, General Directorate of Migration Management and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Until its establishment, the YTB Turkey Scholarship has dispatched thousands of students from 178 countries of the world.

Types of Programs Offered

A. Full-time Turkish scholarship program Turkiye Burslari

One of the YTB Turkey scholarships that many people have chosen is a full-time program. This program includes full-time scholarships for undergraduate, masters, and doctoral programs. Here are the full-time details of the Türkiye Turkiye Burslari Scholarship.

  1. Undergraduate Program
    The Undergraduate Scholarship Program is a scholarship provided by YTB Turkey Scholarships for prospective undergraduate students from various countries, one of which is Indonesia. This scholarship program provides opportunities for prospective students to study in all undergraduate programs in Turkey.

2.Graduate Programs
The Graduate Scholarship Program is a Turkish YTB scholarship that is awarded for masters and doctoral levels. The programs offered are very broad, ranging from Social Sciences, Humanities, Natural Sciences and Engineering, there are no specialist programs in the medical field

  1. Art Program
    The Art Scholarship Program provides YTB Turkey scholarship opportunities at undergraduate, masters and doctoral levels for international students in the fields of music, performing arts and fine arts at the Ankara University of Music and Fine Arts.

B. Short-term Türkiye Turkiye Burslari scholarship program

This program refers to short-term scholarships for several zones and certain target groups. Especially for Hunters who already have reliable work experience

  1. Success Scholarship Program (1 year)
    Awarded to students who have studied in Turkey on an independent basis and have good academic performance and are available for bachelor, master or doctoral degrees. The facilities offered by the YTB Turkey scholarship program only include a monthly allowance.
  2. Research Scholarship Program (3-12 months)
    This program is designed to encourage international researchers and academics to carry out collaborative studies with Turkish academics at the most prestigious universities. This program is only available for doctoral students who are in the dissertation arrangement section and only provides monthly allowance.
  3. Turkish Language Program for Public Officials and Academicians (KATIP)
    This program is designed for foreign public officials, diplomats, academics and researchers who wish to learn Turkish and understand Turkey in depth over a period of 8-10 months. The facilities provided by the Turkiye Burslari Turkey Scholarship include a monthly allowance as well as accommodation.

Turkiye Burslari Scholarship Coverage

Pocket money per month
Full-time program: S-1 = 800 TL, S-2 = 1100 TL, S-3 = 1600 TL and research 3000 TL
Short-term program: S-1 = 500 TL, S-2 = 700 TL, and S-3 = 900 TL
Research scholarship program: 4000 TL
KATIP: 3000 TL
Accommodation fee
PP Airplane Tickets
Learning fees
Health Insurance
Placement of majors and universities
1 year long Turkish language course
Apart from some of the benefits above, you can also get other benefits such as the Turkiye Alumni Network, social and cultural activities and so on.

Türkiye Turkiye Burslari Scholarship Applicant Criteria

  1. Optimal Age

Not more than 21 years old for S1 level applicants
Not more than 30 years old for S2 level applicants
Not more than 35 years old for S2 level applicants
Not more than 45 years of age for research program applicants

  1. The minimum score for each type of program and scholarship is different from one another

For S1 level applicants, the minimum score of a learning diploma is 70 out of 100
For applicants for the Masters and Masters levels, the minimum score of the first study certificate is 75 out of 100
For applicants for medical majors, the minimum grade of first degree is 90 out of 100

  1. Not a citizen of Turkey

Interested in the Turkiye Burslari scholarship and want to inquire further with an expert consultant? Schoters can help you, starting from preparing for selecting universities, scholarships, document requirements to interviews. Please click the button “Consulting Study Abroad on this bottom and you can freely ask anything 👇

[Schoters] Harvester Consultation Form

Türkiye Turkiye Burslari Scholarship Requirements
KTP/passport/other formal identification card
Matches the latest image
National Test Results if available
Diploma/Certificate of Graduation. If you haven’t graduated, you can use an explanation message about graduating (Letter of Expected Graduation)
Award certificate (optional)
International test results (GRE, GMAT, SAT, and others if requested by the university
Language proficiency certificates (TOEFL, DELF, and others if requested by the university

Methods of Applying for Türkiye Turkiye Burslari Scholarships
Create an account on the official registration page of the Turkiye Burslari scholarship
Upload all required documents
Fill in the university preference and research program joining records
Writing an essay includes experiences you have and plans for the future
Check the completeness of the form before submitting the registration

Stages of Select Turkiye Burslari Turkey Scholarships

The YTB Türkiye scholarship selection session has several selection sessions that are somewhat different. So, prepare yourself as best you can.

Select administration: evaluate and filter the files that have been collected b. Expert valuation: consideration from the expert committee on candidates based on scientific attention, career goals, preference consistency, donations in social activities, and so on
Academic test: a test consisting of 30 math, geometry, and logic questions intended for undergraduate applicants in the fields of health sciences, science and engineering, and social sciences
Interview: usually lasts 15-30 minutes covering introductions, document checking, registration goals, academic knowledge and career goals, closing and questions from applicants related to scholarships
Announcement of YTB Türkiye voting results
Have you prepared the Türkiye Turkiye Burslari scholarship selection session above? Let’s prepare the Turkiye Burslari Turkey scholarship for 2023.

Timeline Select Turkiye Burslari Scholarship 2023
In 2023 the YTB Turkey scholarship has not yet opened, in fact, but for the general application period from the official website, the selection process is described as follows:

Registration period January 10-February 20
Assessment process March-May
Interviews: June-July
Announcement of results: August
Initial Procedures: August
Transfers of Grantees to Turkiye: September
But the Turkiye Burslari Turkey Scholarship is predicted to be available in February 2023.

Majors of Science Offered
Department Name


Aerospace Engineering (English)

Agricultural Biotechnology

Agricultural Economics

Agricultural Machinery Engineering and Technology

Agricultural Structures and Irrigation

Animal Science

Aquaculture Engineering

Archaeology and Art History (English)


Architecture (English)

Artificial Intelligence and Informasi Science (English)

Artificial Intelligence Engineering (English)

Automotive Engineering



Biology (English)

Biology Teaching

Biomedical Engineering

Biomedical Engineering (English)

Business Administration

Business Administration (English)

Chemical Engineering

Chemical Engineering (English)


Chemistry (English)

Chemistry Teaching

Child Development

City and Region Planning

City and Region Planning (English)

Civil Engineering

Civil Engineering (English)

Classroom Teaching

Communication Design and Management

Computer Education and Instructional Technology

Computer Engineering

Computer Engineering (English)

Contemporary Turkish Dialects and Literatures

Control and Automation Engineering

Control and Automation Engineering (English)

Dairy Technology


Dentistry (English)



Economics (English)

Economics and Finance

Electrical and Electronic Engineering

Electrical and Electronic Engineering (English)

Electrical Engineering

Electrical Engineering (English)

Electronics and Communication Engineering

Electronics and Communication Engineering (English)

Elementary Mathematics Teaching

Emergency and Disaster Management

Energy Systems Engineering

Environmental Engineering

Environmental Engineering (English)


Mode Design

Field Crops

Film and Television

Finance and Banking

Finance and Banking (English)

Food Engineering

Food Engineering (English)

Forest Engineering

Gastronomy and Culinary Arts

Geological Engineering

Geological Engineering (English)

Guidance and Psychological Counseling

Guidance and Psychological Counseling (English)

Healthcare Management


History (English)

History of Science


Industrial Design

Industrial Engineering

Industrial Engineering (English)

Information and Records Management

Information Systems Engineering

International Medicine

International Relations

International Relations (English)

International Trade and Business

International Trade and Business (English)

International Trade and Finance

International Trade and Logistics

Islamic Economics And Finance Pr.

Islamic Sciences

Islamic Studies (Arabic)

Istanbul Medicine

İnternational Trade (English)

Jewellery and Jewellery Design


Landscape Architecture


Leather Engineering

Logistics Management

Management İnformation Systems

Management İnformation Systems (English)

Map Engineering

Map Engineering (English)

Marine Engineering Operations

Marine Transportation and Management Engineering (English)

Maritime Business Management

Maritime Business Management (English)

Maritime Transportation and Management Engineering

Marketing (English)

Materials Science and Engineering (English)


Math (English)

Math Teaching

Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering (English)

Mechatronic Engineering

Mechatronic Engineering (English)

Media and Communication

Media and Visual Arts (English)


Medicine (Campus Cerrahpasa)

Medicine (English)

Medicine (English) (Cerrahpasa)

Meram Medicine

Metallurgy and Materials Engineering

Metallurgy and Materials Engineering (English)

Meteorological Engineering


Mining Engineering

Mining Engineering (English)

Molecular Biology and Genetics

Molecular Biology and Genetics (English)


Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering


Nutrition and Dietetics

Oil and Gas Engineering (English)


Pharmacy (English)

Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation


Physics (English)

Physics Education

Physics Engineering

Political Science

Political Science and International Relations

Political Science and International Relations (English)

Political Science and Public Administration

Political Science and Public Administration (English)

Pre-School Teaching


Psychology (English)

Public Administration

Public Relations and Advertising

Radio, Television and Film

Real Estate Development and Management

Science Teacher Training

Shipbuilding and Ocean Engineering

Shoe Design and Production

Social Service


Sociology (English)

Aplikasi Engineering

Soil Science and Plant Nutrition

Special Education Teacher Training


Statistics (English)

Statistics and Computer Science

Textile Engineering

Textile Engineering (English)


Theology (Arabic)

Theology (English)

Tourism Management

Tourism Management (English)

Turkish Language and Literature

Turkish Teaching

Urban Design and Landscape Architecture (English)


Veterinary (English)


Such is the brief information about Türkiye Scholarship News 2023: Turkiye Scholarship Scholarships, I hope this article can be of use to you.

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